Thursday, 24 September 2015

Virgo and Cancer

The power of sign compatibility cannot be underestimated. My own example is the best one. 

For as long as I can remember, I've always gravitated toward Cancerians wherever I went. All throughout high school, university, master's, PhD, the seems as though everywhere I go, I could not escape the claws of the crab. Virtually all of my close friends I've met throughout my life are Cancerian crabs. It is difficult to deny that like-minds and like-personalities naturally attract each other. This Virgo-Cancer sextile (60 degrees) aspect can weather many storms, and the karmic tie between them is unbreakable. 

When I first sat down and talked to the guy who was to become my boyfriend, I felt an instant sense of calmness and familiarity that is characteristically exuded by Cancerians. Gentle, nurturing, and emotionally attuned creatures, I felt so at ease in his presence, even though it was literally the first time we met. I felt like I wanted to share much more about myself than I normally would, as I felt so safe and understood. The feeling was confirmed when we met again for dinner with just the two of us and talked for four hours straight until the restaurant closed!

Of course, sign compatibility alone cannot have led to this type of strong rapport, as we also shared a very similar educational, family, and cultural background as well. Serendipitously, we were both only children; both studied in the same kindergarten; our high schools were in the same district and were considered 'partner' schools; he used to live in the building literally at the foot of my high school where my classmate also lived (and it was where I hung out during lunch and after-school almost every day!) We were also in the UK for our tertiary education; and unsurprisingly, because we were in the same year, we shared some mutual friends. I would say that these external circumstances formed the skeleton or basis of our compatibility, and then it was our sign compatibility - aka similarities of personality - that sprinkled our union with magic dust and sealed it in for the long term. Evidently, it was this combination of similar socioeconomic backgrounds and personalities (signs) that constituted the perfect formula for successful coupling. 

I looked further into our charts and saw that my boyfriend's Moon and Ascendant are in Earth sign Capricorn, perfectly complementing my Virgo Sun! Not only am I highly attuned to his watery essence, but perfectly compatible with his earthy disposition. Cancer and Capricorn are on the same axis and in 'opposition', which means that, like all signs which are 180 degrees apart, they are of compatible elements (water and earth or fire and air) but 'complementary', meaning that what one is, the other is not. That explains why my boyfriend exudes the gentle and compassionate qualities of a typical Cancerian, but can also be unflinchingly decisive and unyielding in certain areas of life like a severe Capricorn. My detailed chart analysis totally dispelled his longstanding doubts regarding his personality conflicts. What's even more unbelievable is that my boyfriend's Sun is in the 6th house of Virgo, and my own Moon is in the 4th house of Cancer! Things really cannot get more fated than our Suns and Moons being in the houses that are ruled by each other's signs. We really are meant to be. Had I mentioned that my Mars is in Cancer, meaning that I'm irresistibly attracted to Cancerian men in the first place? His Venus, meanwhile, is in Gemini (he is subconsciously drawn to sharp and witty women), and it just so happens that Virgo and Gemini share the same ruler (Mercury).......

I'm constantly amazed by how our bodies and our feelings never lie. Even in the very beginning when I hardly knew my boyfriend at all, I already felt strangely attracted to him, and an accidental touching of our hands sent an electric current surging through my body. It was a truly 'electrifying' experience! Being both cautious and self-protective signs, we both could not contain our feelings for long due to the transcendental currents at work. The experience was truly awe-inspiring. Since then, I, as well as people around me who have heard about my serendipitous encounter, are all thoroughly convinced that the *perfect match* can only be induced by a combination of socioeconomic plus astrological sign compatibility. I can't believe how lucky I am. Thus, I have made it my quest to help others achieve the same kind of divine union that I have. 

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