Sunday, 24 May 2009

Virgo Men

In all my life, I can say that I've encountered many Virgo men. Lately there have been less since I came to Cambridge though. In fact, I can't think of any......Not even on Facebook. The first thing I look at is birthdays before anything else; not even the juicy pictures can divert my gaze - unless they are super hot, of course. Or hideous.

Virgo men are an interesting breed. I have a special thing for them because my Sun is in Virgo. For women, the guys they are attracted to - according to the classical astrological myth - are the ones who have the same sign as their Sun or Mars (masculine tendencies). For men, it's women who have the same signs as their Moon or Venus (feminine tendencies) that attract them most. Moon stands for emotional needs and maternal instinct, and it is true that psychologically, men often have a special bond with their mothers, and would be inclined to look for women who resemble them in a way. (Oedipal issues aside. Although I do believe that tendencies are experienced on a spectrum, and no one's on the absolute ends of the scale, be it sexuality-wise or whatever. Those who claim to be on the extreme ends are more likely repressed or in denial.) The Sun stands for rationality of Apollonian rigour and all things no-nonsense, pragmatic and unhindered by emotion. In obsolete terms, it stands for the masculine. Remember that classical astrology originated many centuries ago where there was no feminist movement whatsoever, so we must forgive these sexist distinctions. See them as giving us an easy way to memorize otherwise esoteric concepts in astrology.

So, back to Sun and Mars for women when choosing their true loves. According to these rules, then I myself should therefore go for Virgo and Cancer, which are the signs wherein my said 'love planets' lie. I do like Virgo and Cancer, but Cancer more than Virgo though. I'm sure alot of people like Virgo men because they are polite, considerate and down-to-earth. Not overbearing, not too much, not too flirtatious or sleazy. But charming in a service-oriented, practical kind of way. They're very resourceful. If you ask them for help, they'll totally get the job done, and very neatly at that. Somewhat like Scorpio, which is very detailed and very thorough. Except Virgo is more efficient and what I would like to call 'no-nonsense' and worldly (Scorpio is more 'otherworldly' as I like to say.) It depends on your taste really; and the task at hand. For example, if say, I have to book a plane ticket real quick, I'll rely on Virgo. But if say I need to find good-value, swanky hotels in a holiday destination or a fieldwork destination, but am not really on a time limit, then I'll ask Scorpio to do the research for me. The outcome is bound to be perfect. Just the right budget, just the right swankiness, and even more details thrown in that you never thought of yourself, for instance a balcony in your room, free breakfast, or late checkout or something. Thoroughness is what Scorpio is known for.

Virgo, on the other hand, is very neat, very tidy, very exact. It's pretty much a given fact that they are clean freaks and like to look good. However, not good as in 'Libra good' or 'Leo good'. Those are more flashy and more into high-octane glamour. Virgo's look is understated and classical. The Virgo guys I know are all very well-dressed - as in preppy, clean-shaven Polo Ralph Lauren style - and always have impeccable manners and are generally unpretentious and down-to-earth (save for some plantary afflications in their chart, such as a flamboyant Ascendant or a flirtatious Mercury). So what's not to like about them? I would say they're not very manly men. Some might disagree, but if you compared them to say an Aries alpha-male type or a Leo dramatic in-your-face type or a Capricorn or Cancer ultra-traditional patriarchal husband type, or even a Taurean sensual earthy male type, you'll find a Virgo man a bit lacking in masculinity. True that they're seldom controlling and overbearing, and won't not let you hang out with your friends or get super jealous of you talking to other guys or something. Yet, I find them a bit too wishy-washy for my liking. I would say that Virgo men are the most wishy-washy of all the signs. For some reason, Virgo women's wishy-washiness is not mega-annoying compared to Virgo men's. Again, a sexist remark that perhaps women can get away with a certain degree of wishy-washiness. But I don't think so for men. Maybe I haven't been really dominiated by overbearing alpha-males, so I don't yet know how to appreciate the cool and composed nonchalance of Virgo men. Another thing not that appealing about them is their crankiness. Like Cancer, they have their mood swings - owing to the swift changes of the Moon for Cancer - but Virgo crankiness is different. It's like a woman throwing a tantrum. Imagine a girl Virgo complaining about hygiene. There was this Virgo guy who told me off for eating in his car; he literally shouted at me and said the carpet had just been cleaned. I forgot what I was eating, but it was definitely not crisps or anything scandalous. I swear it was like a granola bar or something totally harmless. These are guys who would be slathering on handcream, following anti-bacterial non-liquid handwash; take their dogs or cars to be expertly washed and groomed by specialists; go on South Beach diets or make sure they never skip their twice weekly ashtanga yoga session with the yoga guru from New York. In other words, they are spanking perfect. That explains why I have such a hard timing justifying why I don't like them! I don't know, maybe I would get along with a Virgo guy who's less fussy and more assertive. I just haven't met one yet. Maybe I need to be with an absolute slob to start appreciating the discreet charms of Virgo men.


  1. This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


  2. Hi Alan, thanks so much for your support - I really appreciate it! Will keep up the entries very soon, I promise! S

  3. This one is indeed an interesting blog. Yes we are perfectionists and would never settle for anything less. Although, using the word "cranky" is a bit too harsh. It`s just that we want everything to be perfect. e.g. 5th line from bottom:
    " .... why I have such a hard TIME justifying..."
    Virgo Sun, Scorpio moon, Gemini rising

  4. Hi Arvind, thank you so much for your support! I have to say that since I last wrote this 'Virgo Men' entry 3 years ago, I've now come to appreciate them (my one actually ;p) much more. It's definitely time to share some new insights in 2013! Stay tuned! :)

  5. I am a Taurean woman engaged to a Virgo man... "cranky" is not that word here, borderline bi-polar would be a good way to put it lol. Very particular about EVERYTHING. Absolutely freaks if I miss a day at the gym and EVERYTHING must be checked by him first (i.e. grocery list, outfits, car washing...) lol its annoying at times, but actually very refreshing as he loves to plan for the moment and I love to plan for the future... we are both perfectionist, just on different time frames lol Charming to death he is though... so cute :)

  6. Hi K, thanks alot for your comment! Taurus and Virgo are the perfect match! Yes, you're both so grounded, down-to-earth, and particular bout alot of things - and that's why a Taurus girl would definitely understand a Virgo man (who is perfectionist x 10). I'm Virgo too, with a Virgo you would see how we're both sort of fastidious. Except, I'd say I've met my match, because he's 10 times more fastidious than myself LOL. His idiosyncratic ways - although an acquired taste for most - are super adorable and endearing to me. Love him to death! :)

  7. LOL- I'm a Virgo and this blog and description is quite hilarious. As a Virgo guy, I'm quiet and like to sit back and observe but my presence is strong you know I'm in the room standing over 6 feet 235 tall dark and handsome type. Virgos are no Alpha Males until you piss them off! then it becomes another scene. We're the show you better than we can tell you type of folks we get things done we work hard and make sure the family is taking care of we do what is required and appropriate. just don't piss them off.