Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Ninth House

There are 12 Houses in the birthchart, and each rules a different area of life. For instance, the 1st House rules the ego, the self or self-expression. If one were to have their sun or any of the personal planets (moon, mercury, venus, mars) in this house, then self-expression becomes very important to this person at all times, and this person would be a real individualist. House 2 rules money, material possessions, and values, hence someone with a stellium of planets there would prioritize making money or acquiring material goods and creature comforts as a quest in life. And so forth.

I'm not going to go into each and every house in detail, but I must say the houses are my favourite subject in astrology, because they are so 'specific' and telling of which areas one should focus on in one's life. (Virgos love categorizing things!) In order to find out which planets lie in which house, you need to have the exact birth time and place; with the date only, you can find out which sign your moon, venus or mars etc lie in, but you won't know your Ascendant (the sign which kick starts your birthchart and determines which houses your planets are placed). That's definitely not good enough for an in-depth chart interpretation. So I highly recommend you get your exact birth time and place to find out which areas are most important for you in this lifetime. Since you're already here (in this lifetime), you might as well.

You can find out your birthchart here:

This blog is called The Ninth House because I have a particular affinity with the 9th House, needless to say. I have almost all of my personal planets, including the sun lying there. Actually, as like alot of PhD students at Cambridge which I've come across and had the honour of doing charts for - the majority of them have personal planets in the 9th House. That is truly significant. The 9th House rules philosophy, higher education, publishing, long distance travel, ideals and the higher mind. It is Sagittarius's house, with Jupiter as it's ruling planet, signifying optimism, hopes and ideals, spiritual growth and the love of freedom! PhD students nonetheless exude all of these qualities and are forever intellectually curious and share a penchant for higher learning and horizon broadening. Or else we wouldn't be here right?

I find myself philosophizing about things alot, as a result of the 9th House influence, and I live in my mind alot. The thing I find most satisfying is mulling over substantive issues (I find myself talking about 'values' alot) and discussing them with like-minded peers. I can never just sit there and 'hang out'; I won't be satisfied, I'd feel restless and want to leave. I don't think I can be very compatible with someone who didn't have a strong 9th House influence or wasn't idealistic like me. That is not to say that people with no planets in the 9th House aren't 'profound' or 'spiritual'; they may have many planets on the top half of the chart, ie, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and be just as complex characters. The bottom half of the chart - starting from the Ascendant at '9 o'clock' and in anti-clockwise direction with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Houses - signifies more personal pursuits, such as self-expression, material goods, family, roots, siblings, interpersonal communication, pleasure principles, romance and work etc. People who have alot of planets in these houses are more concerned about manifest or directly personal needs and goals. Whereas people who have more planets in the top half are more into complex issues such as religion, sexuality, spiritual needs, vocation (as opposed to just work), relationship with others (as opposed to romance on a frivolous level), place in society and community etc. You will find a distinct difference when interacting with individuals who are predominantly not on the same 'half' as you. Eg, you may be frustrated when you (a 9th House dweller) talk to a 2nd House dweller about 'ideals' when all they want to do is earn money. Or a 5th House dweller (pleasure-seeker, children-lover, speculation-oriented) might think an 11th House dweller (humanitarian, do-gooder) incredibly dull and too much of a goodie-two-shoes.

I said I wouldn't go into detail about the Houses, but I guess I can't resist. They are just too interesting. So, what does this all have to do about 'love', as suggested on the outset? I think compatibility of life pursuits and orientations. Ultimately you'll have to be with somebody who prioritizes the same things as you. Finding out which houses your loved ones 'occupy' is a useful starting point.


  1. What's in my 9th House? I don't remember...

  2. You have Moon (in Aries) in the 9th House. It means you have deep philosophical yearnings and probably like to contemplate about life issues alot. You're also idealistic on a subconscious level, albeit being a realist on the outset, perhaps due to an abundance of planets (incl. the Sun) in the bottom half of the chart (manifest, worldly needs and goals). Having the Sun in 1st House and in Leo makes you very keen on self-expression, and your self-identity is very important to you. It is characterized by classic Leonine traits -glamour, generosity and warmth. Note that you are what we call a 'Double Leo' - with BOTH Ascendant and Sun in Leo. You are a true Leo through and through!