Tuesday, 12 May 2009

In Praise of Fire Signs

I used to have a major bias towards Earth and Water signs. I really do love them, and get along with them very well, considering that I am one myself. But there's one thing I really don't like about them - especially those who don't have ANY major Fire or Air influences in their chart. They are so SLUGGISH!!

I have a new concept I derived at, from having dissected a few more birth charts in these past few weeks. It sounds sort of mean, using these as social experiments, but hey, I'm a social scientist, and I investigate human phenomena right? It's embedded inside me; it's in my blood. Ok, so I had the privilege of looking at a few friends' charts, and I found that one of them is predominantly Earth (Taurus) and Water, and the other is Earth (Taurus) and Air. You know how I usually love Taureans, and incidentally, the charts I've been doing these days have been Taurus and Cancer (probably because it's Taurus month and I see it a good b'day present to do birth charts for these people.) Anyway, both of them lack Fire, which means they lack initiative. Fire is usually known as brash and impetuous and too haphazard for their own good. But it also has high drive and high initiative to kick-start things. Fire represents leadership and the courage to delve head-first into unknown territories. The Lion (Leo) in The Wizard of Oz represents couragea and passion; the Ram (Aries) is raw energy and dynamism; the Stallion (Sagittarius) is inspiration. Without these qualities, a person will never succeed, or else at least not ever become an inspirational leader, if that's what they're looking to become.

As much as the Earth/Water individual is reliable, steadfast and kind (Cancerian nurturing capability), he seriously lacks the passion and joie de vivre of Fire, hence his day to day actions are hopelessly slow and unspontaneous. Of course, it depends on what you do. If you like to be stuck in a lab all day doing research and not much else, then fine, your steadfastness and pragmatism will work to your advantage. I for one, do not concur with this sluggishness and tardiness. I can't stand it! I have an Aries Moon for god's sake! I am highly impatient and quick on my toes. I get stuff done and I don't believe in slugging about! Plus, tardiness just does not leave a good impression on other people. Who likes someone who is always late?? It's a show of irresponsibility and is just not appealing or 'manly' (sorry for sexist comment, but I believe that men should be fast in getting stuff done and not mucking about.) As for the Earth/Air individual, she's actually highly intelligent and quirky, given the Air influence, which is known for it's mental agility. But somehow, it doesn't translate into concrete action (the poor thing.) The result is that sluggishness again! Those two individuals when put together would never get anything done!

Sorry to be mean folks, as these two individuals are lovely. But Virgo is very results-orientated and I just like to see friends improve themselves. But of course, you may say that I'm anal as hell and a nit-picker, which I am prone to sometimes. But I'm learning to channel more Sagittarian qualities (acceptance and open-mindedness) too, to keep my Virgo critical side in check. And when I feel like shouting at people, I try to channel Virgo diplomacy. But of course it doesn't always work and I offend people anyway.....Oh well, no one's perfect right? ;p


  1. Well, this is in response to the 'reclusive' Earth-Air individual who is hiding in her abode of the mysterious 8th House. Come out, come out, wherever you are! You're right, you do have Fire in your chart - Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd House. That's good; that means you do possess the instinct to be upbeat and inspirational in the realm of instant knowledge and communication (3rd House)! The forces of Sagittarius are emphasized given that it is in its own ruling planet (Jupiter). So do make use of this auspicious alignment and exert your natural enthusiasm now (by getting out of that cosy apartment)!

  2. I think it's all quite relative. What's the point of being all punctual and on-your-toes if you're not able to work consistently towards long-term goals? And Taureans arn't known for anything if not their steadfastness and determination, right? So this whole long sermon on 'sluggishness' sounds...well, a bit unecessary but also somewhat rich coming from someone who's older in age but perhaps at the same level in some other important respects...? =) There is much to be said about being on time in life in general even if one is generally running late in everyday life!

  3. Yes, long-term goals are more important, for instance getting a PhD degree, which is more about perseverance (classic Taurean trait) in the long run. No point in doing things fast but sloppily I suppose. Our differences in viewpoint I have to attribute to compatibility issues beyond the level of Sun Sign compatibility (Virgo and Taurus). I happen to have an Aries Moon and Fire features prominently in my chart, hence I tend to identify more with sprightliness. But hey, I think you and the Earth-Water individual really hit it off!! Seriously. I wonder if you know who the hell I am talking about though....hehe. You guys have the same orientation - both steadfast, straightforward, and sweet (childlike naivete is a classic Taurean trait.)