Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Reconciling Virgo and Sagittarius

It's interesting how someone with Virgo Sun and Sagittarius Ascendant can be so different from someone with the reverse situation - Sagittarius Sun and Virgo Ascendant. Interesting how I met a friend who is my 'reverse'.

On the outset, she is so much more composed and serene (Virgo ASC) than me, and I appear to be more quirky and vivacious (Sag ASC) than her. But when you get to know us, you'll know that actually, she is the more outgoing one (Sag Sun) and I'm the more reserved (Virgo Sun) one! She's always up for fun in the sun (while I'm the one who loves to stay indoors or insists on a parasol), and loves dancing (I only do it when the music is right, which means hip hop), and has a real spontaneous knack for performing such as playing the piano in the middle of a college formal, and bursting into Mando-pop renditions on the spot (that I wouldn't dare). I'd feel those urges, but I don't have the guts to do it. It all stays in my mind. I'm a mental sign - Virgo, ruled by Mercury - but she's essentially a fun-loving Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter. It's so funny how people sometimes gets our personalities confused. I'm actually the more 'serious' one, while she just has the 'facade' of being serious, but actually has all these quirky thoughts inside her pretty head. Look at the way we dress. You'll get a picture of how we're really like. I'm much more conservative and she's much more audacious in her frock preferences. Her clothes really reflect her real personality. She's bold, sexy and fun. I think she has to unleash that side more - with more conscious effort because boring, old Virgo is impeding her! - and show the world how fun-loving she actually is.

So who has it better? Who has it worse? Who has a harder situation to reconcile? Virgo and Sagittarius are essentially 'square' each other - 4 signs from each other - and are in a 'difficult' or 'challenging' aspect. 'Square' is one of the most challenging aspects, some would say. I find this true. However, I'm in a unique situation, given that I have my ASC in Sagittarius, and a stellium of planets in the 9th House (Sagittarius's House). Hence I have a strong affinity with Sagittarius, and shouldn't feel that strained when reconciling the square aspect with Sun Virgo. However, that friend in question, I contend, must feel more strain than me because she doesn't have that strong affinity with Virgo or Virgoan House (6th) in her chart, so I can imagine she must have quite a hard time dealing with the inner conflict festering inside her all the time. Torn between reservedness and spontaneity; conservativeness and audacity; pessimism and optimism. Some degree of moodiness is inevitable. You would be too if you were stuck in that situation.

So is it better to have the Sun, Ascendant and Moon all in compatible signs? Yes, if you want it easier. But no, if what you're looking for is a more nuanced and colourful lifetime where you have to contend with the challenges of reconciling different personality traits, which come, inevitably with associating with many different types of people and experiences. A life without challenge is not a full one, in my opinion. What's wrong with a bit of inner conflict and reconciliation? What's important is that you know what's going on inside (again, 'the awareness' as I've stressed) and your life will be much easier already.


  1. It was at the end of the formal...I wouldn't dare to embarrass myself in the middle of a formal when everyone's around(as my Virgo ASC is very dominant ;) ).
    And correct, I don't have anything in my 6th house, but I enjoy the conflicts which also brought about more complexity and beauty to my life.

  2. Yeah, I noticed the "playing piano" thing, hehe...

  3. I'm surprised that our Scorpion friend known as 'Ass' is not as severe and constricted as someone would be with a stellium of planets in the 6th House (of work and physical toil). What manifests is ill health, but she's more optimistic and fun than one would usually be when they are stuck in the 6th. Good for her!