Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sign Compatibility

I was really inspired yesterday at a Taurean friend's birthday party by two things. By now alot of people would have known I have a special affinity with Taurus. I think it all started with my mom being Taurus - and we make the best, ever combination there is. I can't start a day without having talked to her. Sign compatibility in the parental home is very important. Chances are, if you had grown up in a household where you are surrounded by compatible signs, you would become a much more confident, expressive and at-ease-with-yourself individual. We call this very much 'in your element'. I have the privilege of having Taurus + Scorpio parents. We are like the holy trinity, inseparable, comfort zone at it's peak; like living in a fortress, actually. There's good and bad to all things. Growing up in a community like that gives you alot of self-assurance because you were always expertly looked after and you are confident that you deserve the best because you were always given the best. It's breaking out of this comfort zone that's the ultimate challenge.

The same theory applies to boyfriends really. I know someone who would challenge this theory. She thinks I should give others - incompatible signs - a chance. I know, I know, and I have. But it just doesn't work out like that. I recently found out that two of my close friends have Cancerian boyfriends . That's hot. I like that. One of them is Leo and the other is Capricorn-Sagittarius cusp. Cusps are very special people because they have the best of both. (And there are only 5 to 6 days a month that are 'cusp dates' - around 19th to 23rd or 24th - so they are truly rare and special breeds ;p) The Capricorn-Sag one has a very similar chart as mine in that we're both heavily Earth + Fire based. Pragmatic, steadfast and goal-oriented (she has extra hint of ambition, being Capricorn), yet fire gives her the energy, enterprising quality, and initiative to kick-start things as well. She has the qualities to become an inspirational leader; someone who gets things done. The Taurean who just had her birthday is Earth + Air based. This is very different. She's steadfast and practical, but with a lack of fire, she is more sluggish, as we say, and her ideas get stuck in her mind more (Air is a mental sign) and may not get carried out in concrete action. That's a pity because she's so smart.

The inspirational Earth + Fire individual, however, lacks Water in her chart. Even her 'love signs' (Venus and Mars) are in Aquarius - the utterly detached and most unemotional of air signs! The Cancerian boyfriend provides the much needed emotional element; he soothes the draught that is going on there. He helps her become more in touch with her emotions. Oh I almost forgot! Cancer and Capricorn are polar opposites!! No wonder there is so much sexual chemistry between the two. 'Polar opposites' are signs in their compatible elements and share the same axis. They are on opposite ends of the axis, hence are 'polar opposites'. What one is, the other ain't, and vice versa. They either complement each other perfectly, or are an utter disaster because they are so different. That's where the sexual chemistry comes in. The opposites attract thing, yet their 'essences' are compatible! It's different from two people being in completely incompatible elements - they are so different that there's no common language at all. But no, the polar opposite relationship - if you can make it work, it's magical.

I have that thing with Pisces - my opposite. I totally have that attraction with Piscean men. But it's a real challenge to find just the right way of communicating with them. It's either that they find me too unsensitive (Virgo: clinically analytical) or I find them too wishy-washy and vague (Pisces: evasive). I think we really need to find the right balance. We have different ways of showing affection. Virgo is very service-oriented and just wants to help you solve your problems, and Pisces is very sympathetic and just wants to hear kind words (which Virgo totally overlooks at times). There are several instances where I 'offended' them unknowingly because we have such different approaches. I wonder.....if Aries-Pisces cusp just may be better, with firey, brash Aries curbing the hyper-sensitivity of Pisces.
My parents are Taurus-Scorpio opposites, and they are magical. The Capricorn-Cancer couple in question will be like that too, I envision.


  1. Is Andrew actually Cancer-Leo cusp because his birthday is the 21st? Hmm...if the theory that a Cancerian boyfriend "soothes the draught that is going on there, helps her become more in touch with her emotions" applies to more than just Capricorn, I have to disagree here.

  2. Yes, Andrew is a 'cusp' - which means he exhibits both the qualities of compassionate, gentle and shy Cancer and the passionate, attention-seeking, ego-oriented quality of Leo.
    Of course Cancer doesn't just 'cure the draught' of Capricorn. It's good for Leo too! - as Leo is very passionate, and likes the affection and attention that Cancer can offer to their lovers and friends (eg: look at our Cancerian friend who's name starts with an H - she always knows how to shower her friends with attention and is so good at making people feel better.) No wonder you and Andrew are compatible - because he's part Leo! (Let's not forget both your parents are Cancer too, which adds to the affinity you have with Cancer, ie, you're very comfortable with them.)