Friday, 5 June 2009

Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio: The Holy Trinity of 'Sense' and 'Sensibility'

Just came back from an excursion to the land of the Scots with two mates from Cambridge. We were one Earth (Virgo) and two Waters (Cancer and Scorpio). The holy trinity of sense and sensibility, as I've just coined us.

The Holy Trinity of Sense and Sensibility embodies the 'sensible' pragmatism of Virgo (Earth) and the 'sensitive' idealism of Cancer and Scorpio (Waters). Pity our Fire (Sagittarius) friend couldn't join; nor could the other Earth-Fire individual (Capricorn-Sagittarius). We are therefore rendered imbalanced in our elemental combination. Having said that, our group had always lacked the Air element anyhow. Surprisingly there aren't any Geminis, Libras or Aquarians I hang out with around here! A far cry from back home in Hong Kong where I kept encountering these Airy individuals and were seriously bereft of my Earthy or Watery kin. Hence I'm not one to complain about the abundance of Earth and Water in my nearest and dearest right now. The Scorpio in question does however, exude a Geminian Ascendant, which supplies the quick-wittedness and resourcefulness that we need on our trip. I suspect (and not just me), that the Cancerian in question also has Air representation in her chart, most likely Gemini as well, due to her friskiness - highly uncharacteristic of the chilled out, retiring Water element. Sociable Gemini cancels out some of her Cancerian shyness I am willing to bet. So far, we'd never know, given her reluctance to divulge her time of birth, with the explanation that she refuses to be 'boxed in' a certain category perhaps due to psychological training. It's worthwhile to note that Jungian psychology drives alot of the theories of famous contemporary astrologers such as Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo and Howard Sasportas, to name just a few.

Oh well, so the Holy Trinity was quite a success. Earth and Water complement each other perfectly. The Virgo was pleasantly nourished by the emotional bestowments of Cancer and Scorpio. Cancer was very nurturing as usual, and provided excellent hospitality in the physical sense, as we were being hosted by her family in Glasgow. Cancer always tried her best to make sure everyone's needs are taken care of, albeit being a bit stressed out herself because of the need to attain perfection in this realm. On some occasions she was worried that transportation requirements were not met, or that not enough sights had been seen in the motherland. Excessive worrying is a hallmark of Cancer. She reminds me of my other Cancerian mate who resides in London. She's like that too. She tries to accomodate everyone but stresses herself out in the process. I think it would do them good to practice moderation, so as not to build up resentment in the long run. It's a pity to let their kindheartedness get in the way of their personal well being. People appreciate you just the way you are; no need to do extra or compromise your own needs by satisfying others'. There is no perfection, only effort. You try your best, and people will know.
The Scorpio friend I got a chance to know much better during the intense six days of travel. I always labelled her as ethereal, otherwise known as otherworldly. I got to see a more 'worldly' side of her on our sojourn across the Highlands as we braved the perils together, hand in hand. I have a weakness for putting a label on people too rashly. This I owe to the impatience of Virgo. Although it is Earth by nature, it does not exude the gravity of Taurus or the serenity of Capricorn. Virgo is frisky and fidgety thanks to the mercurial nature of it's ruling planet Mercury - which incidentally is also Gemini's ruler. While Mercury and Gemini are a perfect match, it's a mismatch for Virgo; Virgo has the wrong ruler! As the late Linda Goodman constantly forebodes, Virgo has yet to find it's true ruler, Vulcan, who will finally give it the right amount of gusto and fortitude that it needs, that will finally put an end to this nerve-wracking fidgetiness. I have no idea why Virgo has to be imbued with a wrong ruler while Taurus and Capricorn have such suitable ones (sensual Venus and serious Saturn respectively). It's so not fair that we can't be comfortable in our own skins like them.

The Scorpio with a Gemini Ascendant has provided much charm and entertainment throughout the journey. Now I know why people are so drawn to her; it's the magnetism which comes so naturally. When you talk to her, you can feel her intuition brewing. She can feel what you're feeling. It's not phony, while some people keep telling you 'I know how you feel', but you can really feel that she feels with you and for you. The compassion is different from the Cancerian type. Cancer compassion exists on a more mundane level, while Scorpio feeling is more latent and draws you in. Magic. It's like when I talk to my dad - about substantive personal issues - I can feel him feeling what I feel, in that particular moment. And I feel much better. The soul feels nourished when it is identified with. I suppose that is the ethereal factor that I constantly allude to when speaking of my Scorpio friend. She is ethereal, but not unapproachable. The otherworldiness manifests in her gift of connection with other people.

It is worthwhile to conclude that The Holy Trinity was made up of one Cardinal Sign (Cancer), one Mutable Sign (Virgo) and one Fixed Sign (Scorpio). That's the most ideal case scenario. Cardinal leads, Mutable is the go-between, the communicator, and the Fixed one coordinates and organizes. Considering the circumstances, it is fair enough that the Cancerian leader is the one who is hosting the whole expedition, as we are visiting her motherland and she is the one to lead us to our destinations. Scorpio, meanwhile appearing to be a bit day-dreamy, is actually quite organized and thorough in planning her meticulously coordinated outfits for the journey! What with the Scottie hat and highland maiden's outfit for striking a pose on the top of the hills. They always surprise you, these fixed signs (besides Taurus, who is rather consistent in demeanor and action). Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius - they sometimes seem aloof (Leo always a bit flustered), but they're actually very organized, very prepared, in their own sort of way. My mom (Taurus) worries that my dad (Scorpio) does not know the way to drive to somewhere, and he does make wrong turns (and gets fined occasionally), but he always manages to find the way, in his own time, own accord. No need to worry about these folks. They appear otherworldly, but there's no one who knows better during crucial times. You just have to trust that they make the right judgements. The Scorpio friend will come back safe and unscathed (albeit with a few scars and bumps here and there) from her trip to one exotic locale in Central Asia.
Westside, Friday, 5 June

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