Friday, 20 August 2010

Signs from My Angels

Just read Doreen Virtue's book called Signs From Above (co-written with her son Charles Virtue) in preparation for the impending Angels Certification Programme (ACP) I enrolled in for November! Am so excited! This is my first book I've read on the subject of 'angels' by Doreen Virtue, the one who pioneered the study of 'angel therapy' and the use of 'angel oracle cards'. These are widely in use nowadays and I've had a reading done once in a new age workshop in Hong Kong once upon a time. Don't remember the outcomes as I remember tarot readings, but angel readings are meant to be empowering and uplifting, much like the signs that your guardian angels give you to assure you that you are loved and watched upon.

There are various signs that angels give us on earth, such as clouds in the shape of angels, deceased loved ones or pets, or anything that has significant meaning to you. Even prior to reading the angel book, I would look up at the sky from time to time to check out the shape of clouds, to see if I could make out any extraordinary shapes. I've seen bunnies, dogs, human faces.......countless objects that my imagination could conjure up. I'm sure I've even seen angels, however back then I had no idea what they were. Now that I've read Signs, I realize that those images were more than the product of my hyperactive imagination - maybe they really meant something! Maybe they really were 'signs' that were put into my path in order to tell me something about my life at that particular moment..........

A few days ago, I had just finished reading a quarter of the book when I silently pondered the possibility of receiving a sign from above - I thought to myself: 'how nice would it be to have some affirmation from my angels?' On my way home, I looked up at the sky to see if I can spot any angel-shaped clouds or rainbows. I didn't see anything spectacular. So I walked on........and just as I was about to cross the road in front of a zebra-crossing, I saw a truck pull out of the parking lot, and smack on its side was the Fiorucci logo - two angels with wings! My angels have spoken. Miraculous! Then when I got home I fiddled a bit with this and that, and fished for something to eat and went into my room to rest. After about half an hour or so, I came back out to call my grandma to ask her about something, and as I put down the phone and looked over at the spot where all the mail is put, I found a pamphlet for a beauty parlour - with an image of a cute smiling angel on the cover! OMG! I was truly gobsmacked! Just as the angel book said, one could not help but smile and feel a deep sense of bliss and love when one receives a gift from their angels. I mean, who wouldn't be happy when they see something as divinely cute as an angel motif!?

After having the privilege of receiving TWO signs in one day, I thought I'd do some research on the past, to see if I've missed anything crucial prior to my epiphany. Led by my intuition, I checked my Blackberry pics on my computer, and there it was - a picture I took of a rainbow while I was walking from my college dorm down Hills Road to downtown Cambridge. I remember feeling quite happy and awash with a sense of warmth and relief when I saw the rainbow that day. I must have felt strong emotions, as I was compelled to stop on the street to take a picture of it with my Blackberry! The picture was dated 20 November 2009. It was during my darkest days, when I was feeling depressed, sickly and spiritless. It was a week before my mom was due to arrive in Cambridge to visit me and to help me pack up my belongings to move back to Hong Kong. In retrospect, now I know that the angels meant to tell me that everything will be alright very soon, and I have my mom's visit to look forward to. As it happens, my mom has always been my 'earth guardian angel' - whom I even acknowledged her to be in my MPhil thesis! - and she was coming to 'save' me and to bring me home!!! As it happens, the very next pic on my Blackberry - dated 27 November 2009 - was that of my mom posed in front of the famous Chinese scholar's rock in the backs of King's College. My Earth Guardian Angel. Things really were alright after that.

To conclude my angel musings of the night, I have to tell you that the same evening that I read the angel book, as I was lying on my bed listening to music on my iphone, the first song that came up (on random shuffle mode) was 'Blowing in the Wind' ('the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.....'); followed by 'Top of the World' ('Everything I want the world to be, is now comin' true especially for me, and the reason is clear, it's because you are here, you're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen......'); and finally - ta-da! - Geri Haliwell's version of 'It's Raining Men' ('It's rainin' men, hallelujah!') Hahahaha! Yes, music is another medium that angels use to deliver signs. Lyrics especially. Having had THREE songs to do with divination, heaven, and men falling out of the sky......I felt truly blessed. The angels had really made my day. The day I picked up Signs and got all those signs was one of the happiest days I've ever had. I can't wait to learn more about angels and healing and am very much looking forward to attending Doreen's course in November!


  1. I'm so looking forward to taking the class with you my dear! :)
    Great to know that you're feeling blessed and everything seems to be very well with you at the moment. :)
    Miss you and can't wait till you're back in Cam! xxx

  2. soar, have you tried asking your angels for signs yet? If you haven't, you must!!!